Exhibitions / Collections / Commissions



Group Show :

Mariagerfjord udstillingen, Bisgaard 2007
Midtvestjydske kunstneres sommerudstilling 2008, 2009
Flagudstilling Gedserhavn 2009
Vestjydske kunstneres efteraarsudstilling 2010
Vestjydske kunstneres efteraarsudstilling 2015
Vestjydske kunstneres efteraarsudstilling 2016
Karolines Hus, Fur 2016
Charlottenborg Forårsudstilling 2017
Mississippi, Thyholm 2017
Vestjydske kunstneres forårsudstilling 2017
Langt fra Centrum, Dansk Billedhuggersamfund, Ølgod 2017
Vestjydske kunstneres efterårsudstilling, Holstebro 2018

Paul M. Cederdorffs 80 års fødselsdagsudstilling. Galleri Vest.  Holstebro 2018

Alverdens kunst i Hjarbæk 2019 

Alverdens kunst i Hjarbæk 2020

Galleri ASU, åbne døre. Holstebro 2021

Alverdens kunst i Hjarbæk 2022

Galleri ASU, åbne døre. Holstebro 2022

Public Commissions :

Larger outdoor sculpture titled: Vingesus (collaboration) – Vinderup 2018 

Works in Corporate Collection :

Mariager, DK – Sparekasse Vendsyssel



Group show :

Galleri International SOA Montecastello Di Vibio
All`ombra di Bramante 2004 Todi
In Chartis Mevaniae 2004 Bevagna
Galleri G. Dorazio piazza Gerabaldi 2004 Todi
Arte e sapore a palazzo Cesi 2005 Acquasparta
Galleria Incontro D’arte, Collectivo 2007 Roma
Arte in cornice, Antica Hosteria de la Valle, 2009 Todi
Una raccolta d’arte contemporanea, 2009 Todi
Note d’Artista, Palazzo del Vignola 2010 Todi
Sintonie, Palazzo Morelli fine art, 2010 Todi
Diari di un viaggio immaginato, 2012 Todi
Cantina Roccafiore, 2012 Todi
E-VASI, Roccafiore, 2012 Todi
Citrus, 2013 Marsciano
Diritti a Todi, Palazzo del Vignola 2015 Todi
Cantina Zafferami, Montecastello Di Vibio 2015
Nutritive, Terni 2016

I grandi artisti che hanno scelto Todi, Palazzo del Vignola, Todi 2022

Solo show:

UNU unonell’unico – Chthonic Totem – Todi 2016
Ricupero Di Icaro – Doglio 2016
Gallery Gorani8 – Chthonic – Milano 2016

Private collection :

Larger outdoor sculpture titled: Il Falco – Cantina Roccafiore, 2012 Todi


Group show :

Janet Kurnatowski Gallery LLC – 205 Norman Ave – Brooklyn NY 2011
Frederik Meijer garden & sculpture park – Body Double – The figure in contemporary sculpture – MI 2012
Frederik Meijer garden & sculpture park – Rodin and the Contemporary Figurative Tradition – MI 2017

Stanek Gallery – Of Myth and Mystery – Philadelphia 2021

Stanek Gallery - Disrupted Realism, Reimagining the Figure - Philadelphia - USA - 2021

Solo show:

Underdonk Gallery 1717 Troutman #201 – Bushwick  NY 2013

Art statement

I have found that the interplay between painting and sculpture tends to enforce and even clarify both forms of art -- extending

them into unknown depths of color and form beyond my first



      Often it seems to have been waiting for me. Where Michelangelo said he sought to liberate life waiting for him in a block of stone, so do I seek it within time-embedded wood. and where Picasso claimed that abstract art inevitably contains its original figurative concept, so it is similarly there in my work.

      The resultant ambiguity, as occurs in music or literature, draws viewers into the painting or sculpture, where they find themselves in unknown states of being -- never seen or even imagined before this moment in their lives.

                                            Rolf Jacobsen

Beverly Pepper wrote 

 There is nothing ready-made about the pathos of nature. Before her hidden messages can be read, they must be perceived, and perception is anything but automatic. Rolf Jacobsen’s peculiar gift is that of sensing nature’s meanings, then generously bringing them forth for us.

 This process of course entails manipulation of his materials. But therein lies a second talent – or is it rather a character trait? His ambition – his wresting of significance from nature is a high ambition – never pushes the artist to do violence to his materials. He is collaborating with his trees, with their trunks and branches and twigs.


 What’s more, this engagement with nature’s forms is not only respectful, it is loving. Rolf’s years in the Umbria of St. Francis must have strengthened his singular relation to nature, even as his Italian experience has no doubt liberated expression of the emotions underlying his Danish stillness.

Our good fortune is that his work, this passionate dialogue with nature, resolves the primal paradox inherent in the relation of the artist and his material. Rolf’s sculptures give neither the last word, but allows art’s tension itself to speak out.